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Cisco IOS MD5 verification



I am hoping someone can provide me with the MD5 checksum to my IOS software:



I have attempted to access via but I obtain an error obtaining the details of the MD5 checksum, I contacted web support for Cisco, but as I am not in a service contract to download this image (even though you don't need a contract to obtain the MD5) I am not able to be provided with the MD5 checksum via them, and they referenced me to asking the forums.


I hope someone can help me verify my software is legitimate...


Many Thanks in advance,



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Re: Cisco IOS MD5 verification


 - Hovering over the image leads to an error (....retrieving the file details....) which normally includes the md5sum. It would be 'utmost strange' to refer to the forum to obtain the value because any such info would by definition come from an untrusted source. The only one who can give the correct md5sum is CISCO. 


Re: Cisco IOS MD5 verification

Absolutely agreed, I was hoping that a cisco person would come along and be so kind to help me out as I really don't understand the reason why I would have to be a service contract holder when all I want is the MD5. 

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Re: Cisco IOS MD5 verification

Hello Aaron,

as far as I remember the correct MD5 checksum is embedded in the image itself

all you need to do if you have the image on flash:

is to perform

verify md5 flash:<image-name>


It should be able to tell you if the image file is not corrupted.


Hope to help



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Re: Cisco IOS MD5 verification

That's a bug with the documentation of the page.
Go to the bottom of the page. See the "Feedback" option? Fill in the details and (hopefully) someone will respond.
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