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Cisco Network Registrar 6.3 and DHCP options 78 and 79 (SLP)


I was wondering if anyone out there has an answer on where to look, or

possibly what to do to get this issue fixed.

Currently we're running CNR and are moving to 6.3.21.

In the old version, we had to run a cli command to add options

78 and 79 for our Novell SLP options.  We could then add them

to DHCP policies and enter the SLP_DA_SERVER and SLP_SCOPE

as HEX values.  The options themselves were listed as (unsigned 8-bit list).

There was an issue at first, but once a "80,04" was appended to

the SLP_DA_SERVER's hex address, things worked.

When I installed the new version (, Cisco appeared to include

options 78 and 79 to the install.

The issue here is both of the options are there, and each has suboptions.

78 = slp-directory-agent (binary (AT_BLOB))

     0 mandatory (unsigned 8-bit (AT_INT8))

     0 agent-ip-list (IP address (AT_IPADDR)

79 = slp-service-scope (binary (AT_BLOB)

     0 mandatory (unsigned 8-bit (AT_INTR8))

     0 slp-scope-list (string (ATNSTRING))

I've been looking for documentation on how to go about using these options

or changing them if needed.

When in the policies section and you select add option

and select "slp-directory-agent*[78] (binary)"  I'm not sure what to

enter in the "value" box.  I've tried the hex value as used in the old

CNR, I've tried the IP address and still nothing.

Does the values need to be entered in special way so as all three

values are met?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.   Once I can get

this issue squared away, the sooner I can move into the new way

they did fail-over, and get this into production.




Tom Debruyne
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I am not familiar with options 78 and 79, but the format to use should be similar to this:

nrcmd> policy test setoption slp-directory-agent "1;,"

nrcmd> policy test setoption slp-service-scope "1;scope1"



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