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collapsed core LAN Design

What design is generally recommended for an office with approx 400 client devices. We have about 10 x access L2 switches (2960x) and are not sure whether to go with 1 x L3 stack (4 x 9300 switches) or maybe 2 x stacks (of 2 x 9300 switches). We are thinking about connecting all L2 switches with 2 etherchannel links (10 gbps) to the L3 core like a tree. We'd prefer a collapsed core design with reasonable (not to costly) redundancy/load balancing between the switch links. 


Does the 9300 Catalyst switch support VSS? 



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Re: collapsed core LAN Design



VSS is used for the 4K/6K platforms, the 9300 supports StackWise, which is essentially the same thing as VSS.


Check the link below for configuration details:

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Re: collapsed core LAN Design

Does the 9300 Catalyst switch support VSS?   <<- ANSWER is NO


If you want to 9300 as CORE switches for small core ( 9300  not recommended as core Cisco point of view).

But for small organization can not afford the cost of 9500 / 9600, they can use with Limitation Cat 9300 as Core.

You need to advanced license.


If you have financial constraint and you like to configure only Cat 9300 as Core, you can do.


But i prefer to have 2 Cat 9300 Switched connected each other PO / L2 or L3


Access switches 2960 connect Cat 9300 with L3 point to point connection with OSPF for ECMP.


Hope this helps you, let me know any further information required.



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Re: collapsed core LAN Design

My bad, Balaji is right. The 9300 supports StackWise 320/480 (depending on the SKU), not StackWise Virtual.

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Re: collapsed core LAN Design

9300 doesn't support VSS.
9300 supports StackWise. The difference is VSS is a logical stack made up of 2 switches while StackWise, for a Catalyst 9300, can support up to 16 switches.
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