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Configuring Aironet 1310 as a wireless bridge!

I want to connect a specific SENSOR(IP DEVICE) to my network wirelessly!

{ The application is as simple as connecting a  Trednet wireless adapter to the TV to access the HOME WIRELESS NETWORK to WATCH NETFLIX on INTERNET TV!

But my Client wants to use AIRONET 1310 bridge ONLY!  This is where the problem starts! }

Currently the sensor connects to my office network via CAT 5 Cable, I intend to remove the long cable and use the 1310 bridge next to the sensor connected with a SMALL patch cable to provide the direct network connectivity and bypass the LONG cables to the switch!

I'm tired of trying to configure this bridge to connect to my office network. I just can't find the settings where I can configure the SSID and Security key of my office wireless network on the GUI for it to connect wirelessly.

Extra information:

Office Wireless AP : Linksys wrt54G

All the sensors are originally connected to a dedicated switch which is patched to the main network.

My computer connects wirelessly to the network and I can access the sensors on the same network(the PC and sensors need to be on the same subnet)

My office network has 7 such sensors and I'm experimenting with 1 sensor to go wireless( I know I would need 1bridge per sensor and it would be expensive, but thatz what the client wants!!!)


Viren Mathuria

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Re: Configuring Aironet 1310 as a wireless bridge!


Here is a Cisco document that is pretty simple to follow.  Don't worry about the first part, just the section for configuring a WGB.

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Re: Configuring Aironet 1310 as a wireless bridge!

Thanks, shall give it a shot first thing tomorrow morning!

My concern is, the AP that Im trying to connect to using this 1310 bridge is a Linksys WRT54G AP(non cisco AP)

Will this still work?

Plus the link advises to use ADU, which is not available for download anymore! ??  Any thoughts?

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Re: Configuring Aironet 1310 as a wireless bridge!

The ADU is not needed.  Its just to demonstrate how to setup the wireless profile using the Cisco wireless card adapter.

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Re: Configuring Aironet 1310 as a wireless bridge!

I have setup the Aironet 1310 as a WGB. But the example shows open authentication for AP.

My AP which is a Linksys WRT54G has a WPA PERSONAL TKIP authentication.

Need some inputs on configuring the Authentication on WGB.

I looked at different options in :

Client Authenticated Key  Management


AP Authentication

But nothing seems to work, specially when I tried the DEFINE CREDENTIALS in AP Authentication, it asks for a USERNAME(I just have the Authentication KEY)

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