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Connecting Geografically Disperse Devices Thru OSPF

I need help with this setup. Sorry if im doing something stupid but im just learning. 
So I have this 3 networks that are supposed to be in three different cities. But my teacher said we should connect them using the same IP address distribution for all cities. Wath I mean by this is: IP is in one city, and IP is in another one. 

So far i have the InterVlan communication working in all cities, but my problem is when connecting the routers. All devices are supposed remote accesible thru telnet. I placed the routers and switches on the same vlan as some computers, but thanks to this, im not able to set the IP of that Vlan in that device for telent access.

The other problem that i have is with OSPF, according to the config files and the command shop ip route, the routers can see each other, but im not able to ping the devices that are inside each city.

I know is not much so i´ll upload the packet tracer file.

If someone has any ideas, i would really appreciated.


PD: I´ve not yet configured intervlan communication in one of the cities, the rigth-down side corner one, but if i fix it, its just copying some settings.

VIP Expert

Re: Connecting Geografically Disperse Devices Thru OSPF

From what you've described, you've extended the same VLAN/network across 3 cities. When you do this, you extended the L2 domain, which means you cannot route between the cities (as it's all the same network). However, if you assign your OSPF routers IPs in that network, all should be reachable, and they can even form OSPF adjacency between themselves, but they would not route between the cites for the common network.
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