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Disaster recovery plan between 2 data canters

Hello everyone, 

Hope i get some solutions and options here,


We have two data centers located in NY and in LV. we are planning a DR plan where if one DC goes down in a disaster event, second DC can take all the traffic. 

On NY side, we have ASA firewall, configured BGP with ISP and site to site VPN configured with another DC in LV.

On LV, we have NSX Gateway who is doing routing and Firewalling. 


i need to know what options i have to redirect traffic from one side to another in disaster situation.

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Re: Disaster recovery plan between 2 data canters

When you designing DR Solution you need to consider many points, how the business like to failover, what condition that failover need to take place. is this 2 DC are like a like replication, so on many questions.


when i was doing some deployment, there one good document still my faourite, quite old one, but still very impressive to understnad, there may be around new easy way, but this address main points of DR. please read and make some network diagram and post suggestions can be varied person to person, best you can choose to deploy based on your case


make sense ?



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Re: Disaster recovery plan between 2 data canters

Thank you very much for your reply,


as i am very much new to this kind of work, and the project is in initial stage, i am looking for what should be the prerequisites as far as Networking is concern? and what To DO list i should check with the team?

My main concern is how to re-route traffic to DR site if main site goes down? I found a way to configure BGP at ISP site with local preference attribute to redirect traffic to another site if main site is down. 

There are some changes to be done in DNS as well? 

it would be a great help if you can assist me with these questions.