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Hi all,

We have a 1720 used as a perimeter router to our ISP. The last few days it started to become unresponsive intermittantly and I get messages like

Corrupted Pak Header for Serial0


Late collisions for the Ethernet Port.

The late collisions can be because a hub is used, not switch (then again there is only 1MB bandwith on the serial ports), which I will fix. But the unresponsiveness and corrupted Pak headers (whatever that may mean) is a problem.

Any Ideas?





Is "Corrupted Pak Header for Serial0" the entire error message? Can you post the portion of the log that has this meesage?


The complete log entry is:

22:04:30: %IPFAST-2-PAKSTICK: Corrupted pak header for Serial0, flags 0x80

-Traceback= 80050734 800272C0 8002CC60 8002A860 8014C3B0 8012163C 80140EF8 80140

EF8 801216FC 80125DFC 80127784 80122908 80008120

I saw about 55 interface resets on the fastethernet port over 12 hours, but the switch took care of that and the collisions. Since I put in the switch, the router has not had any problems again, except for the log entry above (touch wood).



results from Cisco's error message decoder

1. %IPFAST-2-PAKSTICK: Corrupted pak header for [chars], flags [hex]

A programming error has occurred.

Recommended Action: Copy the error message exactly as it appears on the console or in the system log. Issue the show tech-support command to gather data that may help identify the nature of the error. If you cannot determine the nature of the error from the error message text or from the show tech-support command output, contact your Cisco technical support representative, and provide the representative with the gathered information.

if you have a Cisco login ID you can paste the show tech into the output Interpeter to possibly get more details on the router.

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