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External Admin of 2950


I am new to the world of Cisco kit, so go easy on me if this is a simple question, but it has got me stumped.

I have a 2950 24 port switch. What I need to be able to do is configure the switch when I am outside of the network, via a firewall, either using telnet or http.

I have tried a couple of firewalls, a symantec firewall box and MS ISA server, but I am uanble to achieve my goal with either of them.

Any help would be appreciated.




can you connect to the switch via telnet or http when you are inside the network ?

Hi skarundi,

Yes I can telnet and connect via http from anywhere on the internal network.


You can open up the necessary ports on the firewall, but I don't really recommend that. A better solution would be to setup a VPN connection to the internal network, then telnet to the switch.

However, if this is not possible, you need to open up the proper ports on the firewall, and then set up an ACL on both the firewall and the switch.

Hi gleithner,

Do you have a list of ports that are required to be opened, I am just opening the standard telnet (23) and http (80) ports on the firewall.

I have been trying some more and I now appear to get a connection but no login prompt it just sits there and then loses the connection. Could that be to do with the ACL on the switch as I haven't set up any.

Can you recommend and documentation on this?

Do what glethiner suggested. Opening up Telnet to the outside world is a major security problem. I would setup a VPN connection then telnet in. Keep in mind all telnet traffic is sent unencrypted. If it is a must, configure SSH on the switch for remote connectivity.

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