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Frame-Relay Traffic Shaping and Dropped Output PKTs


We are running a dual-carrier frame environment and have noticed that we have a lot of "byte delayed" and out pkts dropped showing up on many PVCS on both ends and both carrier of our frame-network. We have tweaked Frame-Relay Traffic Maps to reflect individual carrier recommendations (ie Carrier selling OK CIR guarenteeing port speed we set MINCIR to 1/2 of a T1).

No FECNS/BECNS...the aggregation links are not oversubscribed and it appears things are dropping before they even go out...the only thing this seems to point to is either the traffic-maps or perhaps the ethernet switch where the routers terminate...but that doesnt appear to be it.

Any ideas on a good way to troubleshoot this? Buffers seem good as well

Example below:

input pkts 219232 output pkts 210021 in bytes 32300516

out bytes 64629859 dropped pkts 231 in pkts dropped 0

out pkts dropped 231 out bytes dropped 73158

late-dropped out pkts 231 late-dropped out bytes 73158

in FECN pkts 0 in BECN pkts 0 out FECN pkts 0

out BECN pkts 0 in DE pkts 0 out DE pkts 0

out bcast pkts 5107 out bcast bytes 669383

5 minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

5 minute output rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

pvc create time 14w1d, last time pvc status changed 1w0d

cir 384000 bc 384000 be 0 byte limit 6000 interval 125

mincir 128000 byte increment 6000 Adaptive Shaping none

pkts 210021 bytes 44388411 pkts delayed 12361 bytes delayed 10496435

shaping inactive

traffic shaping drops 0

Queueing strategy: fifo

Output queue 0/40, 231 drop, 12361 dequeued



Hello there,

Try to increase the hold-queue per PVC and serial interface also.

The packets are dropped by the router so there is no FECN/BECN indication from the network as long as the traffic is respecting the contracted values.

You can try a:

CCM-EXPRESS#sh traffic-shape statistics

Acc. Queue Packets Bytes Packets Bytes Shaping

I/F List Depth Delayed Delayed Active

Fa0/0 0 54 4175 0 0 no

to see if there are any delayed packets.

Also, if the sent traffic is bursty, you can have peaks which are dropped and thus, increasing the out hold-queues (interface and FR class-map) you can eliminate the problem.

Good luck!

One more,

I mean, you should increase that queue:


Queueing strategy: fifo

Output queue 0/40, 231 drop, 12361 dequeued



Is that the Frame Relay HoldQ?

We have increased the Output and Input queues on the primary interfaces:

hold-queue 150 in

hold-queue 4000 out

Thanks again for your reply!


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