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how brodcast influence L2 Switch

Hi all,

i need to uderstand the influence of broadcast traffic in regard to the number of active recievers.

for example:

i have server that send broadcast of 5Mbps. there are 10 active users on the same L2 switch that recieves the broadcast. the cpu on that situation is 60%.

if i have the same broadcast stream but now there are 20 active users that need to get this broadcast, should i accept for increase in the switch CPU ?

thanks Avi.

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how brodcast influence L2 Switch

Hi Avi,

is the high utilization is because of traffic, and if yes then there could be a possibility of rise not because of broadcast but new addition of unicast reply from newly added users, in case application is two way.


how brodcast influence L2 Switch

Are you sure the brodcast storm is required ?

I strongly recommend you use storm control as you know the amount of broadcast that can be allowed.

Cap the broacast on all ports to a minimum other than the server port.

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how brodcast influence L2 Switch


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A well designed L2 switch should replicate broadcast packets in hardware, i.e. you shouldn't see much if any increase in the switch's CPU.

However, if the switch's management address is on the same subnet as the broadcasts, the switch's CPU might go high processing the received broadcasts.

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