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How to upgrade IPM?

Hi There

I am using IMP 2.5 with CWRW-1.3 in my teaching lab. It was quite old tool installed in 2004. IPM is good tool for network lab working with Cisco 3700 routers.  Now I am trying to find latest IPM version to upgrade the lab. I find that latest IPM is version 4.2 with Ciscoworks LAN management Solution 3.2. But this production is also  end-of-sale and end-of -support  see the page
          - End-of-Sale Date:    08-APR-2011 Details
          - End-of-Support Date:    30-APR-2014 Details

Now I have no idea how to upgrade IPM? Which tool from Cisco or a third party can be replacement of IPM?

 Dan Li,
 ECE Department, Concordia University


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Hi lidan@encs.I would suggest

Hi lidan@encs.

I would suggest that you try the Cisco all in one solution / Cisco Prime Infrastracture. It also has a wireless control system. Please email me directly at ( for further assistance.

Happy to Serve!



Hello Dan,How is this project

Hello Dan,

How is this project going? Were you able to upgrade IPM? Do you need additional assistance regarding this? Let me know if you do. Feel free to email me at

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards!


Hi AlyzaI am still working on

Hi Alyza

I am still working on this and little bit of stuck here somehow. In winter term my network lab is quite busy. When this term is over, I will be able to upgrade all 16 workstations first, then try to install Cisco Prime Infrastructure as Barry recommends, or I may have to try Cisco LMS 4 first, since all eight routers are running v12.3 now. I notice that there is big difference between v12.3 and v12.4 on Cisco IP SLAs, which is basis for IPM functions. Recently I tried to download v12.4 for 3725/3745, Cisco can not allow me to do so, it keeps saying "Service Contract Required" :-).  It is little weird for me to use Cisco router but I can not upgrade these device. 

I think IPM functionality is only small part of Cisco Prime. If I can not get a free license, I will have to buy all package of Cisco Prime, then just only use IPM?

I am not sure if I can find enough fund to upgrade all of routers (3725/3745) to 3925/3945(?).  




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