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I need device for time services

Hi Everybody

I need a device that can work as a Time server for routers,switches,servers,PCs in my LAN and some remote area.

If anybody can tell me the Specifications of such a device ???

Thanks n Regards


Cisco Employee

Hello Naveen,

There are several methods for doing this. If you would like a device dedicated as a time server itself, I would suggest searching Google ( with the terms "nist time server".

There are also programs available (in the search results) to install on all your servers and PCs, both freeware and commercial.

Cisco devices can be configured to use time services offered by these other devices or services.

Does this help?

Curtis Carrington

Dear Curits Carringtion

THanks for ur mail; i have tried installing 2 -3 software (time server) on my machine (windows 2000) but router /switch time is not synchronizing with the time server software. Other PCs are synchronizing , but Only Cisco devices are not !!!!!

i have checked the device configrations several times ,everything is OK,, but i am unable to get it why it is not snchronizing.

when we give command ,,

show ntp associations

it takes My macines ip as a MASTER clock but it shows as reference clock....

Also when we give command

show ntp associations details

it shows " clock is insane , invalid

i am unable to understand where i am doing mistakes



It sounds like the time server you are running on the windows box is not formatting replies in a method that the IOS recognizes. If you go through the various RFCs, there are 12 related to either Network Time Protocol (NTP) or Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP).

If you have the option, try setting up a router to get time from one of the authorative time servers. Personally I like both and If it has no problem with either of those servers then I would suspect that your local time server is not using the same protocol as the router expects. If you are behind a firewall that will not let you go to one of these servers, see if you can find another server you can run on your windows box, or check to see if the server you are running is using rfc868, rfc1305, rfc1361, or a later version of time services.

Based upon">this whitepaper I would suspect that the IOS is looking for rfc1305 style responses from time servers. RFC1361 is SNTP, and may be what your server is providing.