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Identifying CPUs in a 7000series


I am relatively new to network management and therefore struggling with the following to my opinion horrible problems: I use Concord to discover my network topology. When discovering 7000 series routers, Concord discovers different CPUs in the box, example CPU-1, CPU-39, CPU-40... How can one determine what CPUs are discovered, ie. to what modules/cards... these CPUS correspond?

How can one proceed to determine what is really discovered. Is there a good reference on how to learn to interprete the OIDs and how to know what MIBs exist and how they all interrelate?

Any help is welcome. Thanks!


Concord must have polled ENTITY-MIB to get the CPU info. You need to find out the entPhysicalIndex for each of the CPUs, and then poll the entPhysicalContainedIn to find out what the parent slot the CPU is in.

Thanks for the reply minie, but I am not able to poll the entPhysicalIndex to get the physical indexes of the different CPUs.

All I get is:

cisco.ciscoMgmt.ciscoProcessMIB.ciscoProcessMIBObjects.cpmCPU.cpmCPUTotalTable.cpmCPUTotalEntry.cpmCPUTotalPhysicalIndex.1 : INTEGER: 0

cisco.ciscoMgmt.ciscoProcessMIB.ciscoProcessMIBObjects.cpmCPU.cpmCPUTotalTable.cpmCPUTotalEntry.cpmCPUTotalPhysicalIndex.38 : INTEGER: 0


So no indexes. Therefore, I cannnot proceed to get the right entPhysicalContainedIn values to discover the slots the CPU are in.

Besides this, can you tell me where to start reading about MIBs. I wonder if there is somewhere information about how to proceed when monitoring a network (Cisco network): from a novice point of view up to expert troubleshooting. I think there must exist some kind of framework about how to become an efficient SNMP troubleshooter...or am I wrong on this.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate it a lot.

In addition to the previous reply: apparently, the ENTITY-MIB is not supported in the cisco box. how can you tell which MIB modules are available in a certain Cisco router? And is it possible to upgrade/add MIB modules in a router?


I'm curious how you got CPU-39, CPU-40 from?


I got this info by doing this:

snmpwalk of cpmCPUTotal5min (. This shows 4 instances or entries (with their values) for this kind of CPU statistics, indicating the existance of 4 CPUs and referenced by their indices (1, 38, 39, 40). Also, when looking in Concord, you can see these 4 CPUs, with their respective indices 1, 38, 39, 40... when lookin at their respective physical indices (by means of cpmCPUTotalPhysicalIndex), they give back the integer '0', which is an indication that the ENTITY MIB is not supported, so it is not possible to see with what line cards or slots these CPUs are related...

Minie, you also reference CPU-39 and CPU-40. Do you know for what CPU-38 can stand for then (besides CPU-1)? why is it strange to see cpu-39 and cpu-40 when there is also a cpu-38...

thanks a lot for the help.

Cisco Employee

You can go to:

And this MIB is not supported for cisco7000 series. Only for cisco7100, 7200, 7300, 7400, 7500 and 7600.

If you want to add/upgrade MIB modules, the only way is by IOS upgrade.


You can go to:

And this MIB is not supported for cisco7000 series. Only for cisco7100, 7200, 7300, 7400, 7500 and 7600.

If you want to add/upgrade MIB modules, the only way is by IOS upgrade.


The way you were doing is correct. This sounds like bug CSCdw52978 and been fixed in 12.2(14)T and onwards.


Externally found severe defect: Resolved (R)

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB is not synchronized with ENTITY-MIB

thank you for the invaluable help. this kind of resolves my doubts about the way I am tackling the problem. However, I doubt that upgrading these machines is not a safe solution for me to do (they constitute the legacy backbone, now being upgraded to 6500series on top of the old one).

This therefore constitutes another problem:

1) the values themselves, gathered from the different MIB objects (cpu, sysuptime, #bytes/interface in-out...), are they correct?

2) Knowing that there is a syncing problem between the 2 MIB modules, is there a way to determine which MIB objects constitute real entities, like in this case there are CPU-1, -38, -39 and -40. I think only one of these MIB objects constitutes a real CPU? Knowing that I could turn polling off for the other CPUs so they would not be a problem anymore

btw: these problems do not appear in the 7200series, only in the 7000 and 7500series routers (same software).

Thanks for the help.