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Jack Leung

Internet edge router recommendations

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend me a router (I'm considering ASR 1002 with 10GE SPAs) that can support the following:

10GE interfaces

can handle 1.5Gbps but scales up to 5-6Gbps different seasons

take on full internet routes from 2-3 providers

will live on the internet edge

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

10GE interfaces

How many?

can handle 1.5Gbps but scales up to 5-6Gbps different seasons

Chassis - ASR 1004 or 1006

Route Processor - RP2

ESP - ESP 10 (3 Gbps, full duplex, full encryption) or ESP 40 (10 Gbps full duplex, full encryption)

will live on the internet edge

Make sure you order MAXIMUM DRAM memory.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

will live on the internet edge

Good, it will become a billionare then

Alessio Andreoli

Can you better define your needs?

It is just unlikely to concentrate 10 GE on one router with 1.5 Gbps of effective speed...

Customer requirements? Effective speed needed, HA reuiqrements? Which type of scalability and technology do you predict?Will it be a BGP speaker? How many packets do you need to process per second?

for the few indications given, Leo for president!! expet one thing, ESP40 in any case. You could need full encryption in your future and support for MPLS and having to buy a new RP would be uqite painful for your boss. Do it once, do it right!!


Like I said, seasons. Our low point is 1.5Gbps but more than half the time or more we will scale up to 3-4 even 5Gbps. Hardware HA not too big of a deal since the site is being multihomed (and I will have a pair of these routers) and if one router blows up BGP will take care of failover and yes since I am pulling carrier or maybe full routes its talking BGP. MPLS not a requirement. I'll prob want 2x 10GE interfaces each router (one facing ISP who will give me a 10GE port and one facing towards my infrastructure tho would be nice to be able to be able to scale if I want more interfaces.

My biggest concern is the pricing. The first quote I received for a pair of ASR1002 with 1 port 10GE SPA was astronomical whereas competitors in the same market have appliances whose routing engine equal or surpass what Cisco offers and they have 10GE interfaces readily available. I was just curious if there are other options in Cisco.


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You might want to also consider the ASR 1002-X.

For a Cisco "router", I don't believe there's much else in the Cisco line-up that handles 10 gig interface as a lower cost than entry level ASRs.  Some of the (entry) L3 switches with 10 gig likely will be less expensive, but such generally won't take full Internet tables, especially multiple copies.

Thanks. I had that feeling as well. The ASR's aren't that expensive but its the 10GE SPAs that are just ridiculous. Getting 4 of those almost doubled my invoice.

ask your partner to check cisco bundels .

the spa's cost ~7 times more when seperated than a bundle .

crazy i know .......

hope youll be happy