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IronPort C170 Alert - Server update and certificate validation

Hi all,


Good Morning


I am new with IronPort devices so I am have issues with some Alert that I could not resolve it. I was looking for references on internet but I could not find solution for it.


"The updater could not validate the server certificate.  Server certificate not validated - self signed certificate in certificate chain"

I dont need to receive the alert from the certification validation, I already turned off running the CLI command but still the alert is coming.


(Machine> updateconfig

Choose the operation you want to perform:
- SETUP - Edit update configuration.
- CLUSTERSET - Set how updates are configured in a cluster
- CLUSTERSHOW - Display how updates are configured in a cluster
- VALIDATE_CERTIFICATES - Validate update server certificates
- TRUSTED_CERTIFICATES - Manage trusted certificates for updates

This command is restricted to run in machine mode of the machine you are logged
in to. Do you want to switch to "Machine" mode? [Y]>

Should server certificates from Cisco update servers be validated?
[No]> NO



Second massage is: The updater has been unable to communicate with the update server for at least 1h.


sometimes update and sometimes does not, I dont know how to fix it. if someone could help with it, I appriciate.


Kind Regards

Daniel Steffen

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