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Is there a guide that recommends the optimum order to rack servers and routers

Is there a guide that recommends the optimum order to rack servers and routers?

Can you please recommend me a guid or book where i can make recommendations based on server's weight, deep, space,etc?

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Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

There's no standard per se that I'm aware of. Besides, iIt varies widely according to the type of rack or enclosure you are using, the equipment size, airflow requirements and cabling needed.

There are some useful white papers at the rack manufacturers' sites. For instance, here is a good one from APC:

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Thanks Marvin,

I have a case with a customer who has in its rack a 6500 in the top of the rack and servers below.

In terms of weigh i'm aware that the 6500 could damage the servers if for any reasons it falls.

I want to make a recommendation to this customer and i want to make this based on data sheet and standards.

Cisco does not recommend placement location within a rack as long as the cabling and airflow is accommodated. See the hardware installation guide for details.

Most often I see them in the lower half of a rack but that's due to the weight of the chassis making it harder to mount up high (unless you have access to an equipment lift) by most people. When properly mounted and secured, there is no danger of a switch of any size falling.