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MFSC 1 & 2

switches like 6500 and 4500......u get the terminology that its MFSC 1 and MFSC 2 ......i want to know the difference btw them ...


Re: MFSC 1 & 2

Since I've only worked with newer Supervisors on these platforms, my comments below only apply to the newer products...

As far as I know, MSFC1 or 2 refers to the MSFC engine in Supervisor 1A/2 for Cat 6K/6500. As far as Cat 4500 is concerned, all their Supervisors nowadays (especially IV and V) have built-in layer-3/MSFC engine, and you don't normally hear the MSFCs being referred to individually.

Now that Supervisor 1A and 2 for 6K/6500 are all end-of-sale, should you want to purchase a Cat 6500, you'd typicaly end up with Sup 720-3B/720-3BXL, or Sup 32. All these Sups have built-in MSFC engines. Can't remember the MSFC version in each Sups. The attached Cheat Sheets might come in handy...


Re: MFSC 1 & 2

Switches like 4x00 and 6x00 come with a modular chassis that'll fit various modules.

A supervisor engine is required for modules to work. In the late 5x000 series the supervisor engine could be complimented by a route-switch module (RSM) to perform layer 3/4 switching.

The Catalyst 4x00 and 6x00 integrate these features in a daughter card called multilayer switch feature card (MSFC). The MSFC comes in various version such as 1, 2, 2a and 3. The MSFC is mostly coupled to the Supervisor engine model (I, II, IIa).

Besides the MSFC the Supervisor houses another daughter card called the policy feature card (PFC). The PFC offers high performance security and qos features that are processed in hardware instead of using processor time.

To learn more about Catalyst 6500 and it's rich choice of modules read the data sheets on



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Re: MFSC 1 & 2

Hi Quroo,

to make you simple understanding,

Cisco 4500 MSFC2 has got 18,000,000 Packets Per Second with 24Gbps back plane capacity.

& i don't think 4500 has come with MSFC1

Cisco 6500 MSFC1 has got 15,000,000 Packets Per Second with 32GBps back plane

Cisco 6500 MSFC2 has got30,000,000 Packets Per Second with 256 Gbps back plane capacity.

hope this helps,

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Re: MFSC 1 & 2

thanks all...

i know when we say back plan of switch its , processing power of packets can do me one more favout when we say its back plan is 256 Gbps....what does it mean????

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Re: MFSC 1 & 2

Hi Quroo,

Switch performance are measured in pps & switching fabric is measured on Gbps.

when you say back plane capacity of 256Gbps, it is not but back plane bandwidth.

hope this helps.

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