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Micas Still not working on 3640

I posted further down about problems with our NM-6DM MICA modems on our 3640 not training with any client modems we have tried. Following advice received I upgraded the portware firmware to This does not seem to have made any difference. I have telnetted into the devices and they are all reporting the following for an AT\S command:

Cisco MICA Hex Modem Link Statistics

Host interface protocol (IP) RAW

Data compression protocol ?

Line interface protocol (EC) ?

Line modulation standard ? ! Invalid DSP status !

Line transfer rates 65535 bps TX and 65535 bps RX

The modem has been connected 0 days, 0:01:04

Last disconnect reason 0x6007

Current line quality 7

Strike a key when ready (Q to QUIT)

Bytes sent to host 21820 Bytes rcvd from host 90

Bytes rcvd from line 0 Bytes sent to line 0

Bytes estimated lost 0 Bytes resent to line 0

IP packets rcvd from line 0 IP packets sent to line 0

IP packets rcvd errored 0 IP packets aborted 0

EC frames rcvd from line 0 EC frames sent to line 0

EC avg RX frame length 0 EC current TX frame length 0

EC NAKs rcvd from line 0 EC NAKs sent to line 0

EC frames known lost 0 EC frames retransmitted 0

EC retransmission cycles 0 EC timer recoveries 0

EC neg RX frame length 0 EC neg TX frame length 0

EC neg RX window 0 EC neg TX window 0

EC neg compression dict 0 EC neg compression smax 0

Strike a key when ready (Q to QUIT)

.Tx. / .Rx.

Carrier Frequency (Hz) #535 / #535

Symbol rate (baud/sec) #535 / #535

Trellis code 0 / 0

Non-linear encoding Off / Off

Precoding Off / Off

Constellation shaping Off / Off

Preemphasis index #535 / #535

Power level (dBm) -1 / -1

Power level reduction (dBm) #535 / #535

Strike a key when ready (Q to QUIT)

SNR (dB) 65535

Far-end echo (dBm) -1

Round-trip delay (ms) 65535

Frequency offset (Hz) -0.125

Phase roll freq (Hz) 8191.875

Phase jitter freq (Hz) 8191.875

Phase jitter level (deg) 65535

RBS Pattern 0x#F

Digital Pad (dB) 8191.875

Digital Pad Compensation Off

SS7/COT Status (iWwOBbT) 0x0000

I assume that the ! Invalid DSP status ! is not what you would expect. Any ideas what may be wrong?

3600 Software (C3640-I-M), Version 12.1(5)T9

Slot 0 NM-1FE2W

Slot 1 NM-8B-S/T

Slot 2 NM-6DM MICA-6DM Firmware: CP ver 2730 - 5/23/2001, SP ver 2730 - 5/23/2001.

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

This type of issues often needs advice from the Cisco's TAC engineers..You can open a case at

Pl. enable the following debug on 3600

debug modem

debug modem csm

Present with the sh run and sh ver from the router.

Now make sure that you run following modemcap for the modems for as portware.


All-n-all opena a case on this issue...Thanks..Tejal

Cisco Employee

I would not be too much worried about "Invalid DSP status" as I see this for systems running fine.

Modem and modem csm debugs will reveal if there still is problem in connecting with pw 2730

along with the recommended modemcap.