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Migrate teleworksers Meraki Z1 & Z3

Hi guys, this is my first post. Hope it is in the right category.

I'm quite new to working with Merakis and MX68 & 64 in this case. We are going to move a customer office to another location and from MX64 to MX68. They have a few sites with mesh vpns and 20 something, z1/z3 clients (using z1/z3 templates) connected to the old office. And thus on 2 different networks in the dashboard. I've setup 2 pcs MX68 in HA on the new site. My question here is: How will I migrate those teleworkers to the new MX/office the best way? Maybe I make this "harder" than it is :) I couldn't find (didn't spend that much time though) where I configure those Z1 / templates to point to certain MX. I'm not that familiar with the dashboard so maybe I just isn't looking at the right place?

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Re: Migrate teleworksers Meraki Z1 & Z3

On the day of the shift move the MX64 from the existing network, and then add the MX68(s) to that same network.  They will pick up the existing configuration and the Z1's will connect automatically using AutoVPN.

Re: Migrate teleworksers Meraki Z1 & Z3

I clone that network when setting up the new one. So all settings should be same, except wan ip/ha set up. Actually it's not very complex, just some fw rules and some ip/dns settings.
How does the teleworkes connect? I couldn't find and "server/site" to which they connect. If I got a new Z1 here on my desk how do I chose which site to connect too? I couldn't find any hints in the template they are using either. Or I'm just looking at the wrong places :)
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