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multiple WAN site redundancy design review (dark fiber, p2p, DMVPN)

I'm re-designing a couple of wan sites.  I'm using EIGRP over both some leased dark fiber and p2p provider connections.  The attached (pdf) physical topology says it all, I'm thinking of using ip sla to track and inject routes over prefered connections, but really just looking for feed back if someone is interested in taking a look. 

I've bought 2 2951's with es3g-16-p modules so I can build svi's and do hsrp between the paths, building redundancy between the 3 available paths back to our enterprise core (1Gbps, 40Mbps, 50Mbps).

multiple vlans at both sites...

e.g.: (wan site1 (vlan 10-15), want site2 (vlan 16-20))

Thoughts and thanks?


multiple WAN site redundancy design review (dark fiber, p2p, DMV

hi there

not sure why you need to use DMVPN if it all internal same internal network unless you need to have all the traffic between sites to be encrypted

anyway in general i would say of use the direct link to reach the directly connected networks per site

example using site one 100M link to reach DC and WAN

and use site2 50M local link to reach WAN as primary path and use the site1-site2 fibre to reach DC as primary path for site2 this could archive a good load sharing and reduce the load on the link between site1 and site2

IP SLA in a topology like your for sure can very helpful to improve failover time and make the routing more topology aware

hope this helps

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