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newBie on Cisco

Well i want to buy a Cisco Router ...

I want to connect 6 diffrent subnet of my lan .. but i have a requirement i want to block certian MAC address on router from reaching the other subnets .. is that possible ?

Also what series router will be suitable for me ?



You can find lots of information on cisco routers on the main cisco website. First of all you don't give enough information to recommend a certain model and second I think that you can look at the specifications on your own and pick a suitable one.


Are you having any wan connectivity too ? You could just run your network with a Cisco 1700. (like a 1720). You have two slots where you can have either additional ethernet ports or wan ports. The unit comes built in with a fast ethernet port. You can either configure the router to route between vlans or you could configure one primary subnet and 5 secondary subnets, to route between the different subnets.

To do vlans, you will need either a cisco switch or a diff vendor capable of doing vlans. A trunk needs to be established between the switch and the router. If you use cisco switch, you can enable ISL trunking or if its a different vendor switch, you can use 802.1q trunking.

You could even get away with a 3550 switch (layer 3 switch) if you just want to route between the subnets and want no wan connectivity.

Sankar Nair
UC Solutions Architect
Pacific Northwest | CDW
CCIE Collaboration #17135 Emeritus

No sir i am not going to use WAN link ..

Thank you for the reply plz tell me if router or a cisco block MAC address ?

also just to give me a idea how much these models cost approx ?

thanks again

The cisco switch can filter based on MAC address. (CAM filters). The router does have a MAC address based access-list but it does not work on IP protocol.

the 3550 with Enhanced multilayer image costs you about, 5000USD list price. If you buy, off a reseller, you should get some discounts.

Sankar Nair
UC Solutions Architect
Pacific Northwest | CDW
CCIE Collaboration #17135 Emeritus