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Nexus 7K F2 & F3 Mixed VDC

Does anyone know if the new 12 port 40G F3 module can coexist in the same VDC as an F2 card? Looking for OTV and LISP support at the aggregation layer without replacing the F2's. The F2e card wasn't released when we purchased so I'm hoping that the F3's will be compatible.


Marwan ALshawi

Very good question

I can find this written somewhere however the F series line cards have very similar architecture and I believe they can coexisted within the same vdc !!

Thanks for the quick reply Marwanshawi.

I've seen that the F2 and F2e's can coexist so It will be excellent news if your suspicions are correct! I guess that F2e customers wouldn't need to worry about the 80G Fabric limitation on the M1's when mixed also, so that's another bonus (I didn't like that limitation when looking at LISP the aggregation layer).

Hopefully the F3 cards will make things much simpler without so many design worries.


Did this end up working for you?  I ran into an issue last night while trying to adding ports from a new F2e modules to my existing F3 VDCs

Hi James,

I think you need to limit the module type for the VDC to F2E and F3 before it will let you add the ports. Apologies if you've already done this. I didn't get the F3's in the end but do have both module types configured in our Aggregaton VDC.



First make sure that the F Series modules are allowed in VDC, If any limit resource templates were applied to the VDC, cross check the templates also.

One this has been confirmed, we can assign F3 ports to the VDC.

Its a best practise to configure OTV on a seperate VDC having only M Modules.

This was in fact the issue. Thank you.

This was in fact the issue. Thank you.

For information, we are about to deploy MPLS until DC so we added a F3 card on Nexus 7009 chassis (which already had 2 F2E cards) in order to support it

Unfortunately (and I didn't find the information anywhere on Cisco site), the MPLS VDC can't have a mix of F2 & F3 cards... it is just impossible to activate the MPLS feature if a F2 card is present on the VDC

hope this will help some other people deployments...