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Nexus 7K VPC


We have two Nexus 7K in our data centre with N7K-M132XP-12(10G) module and N7K-M148GT-11(1G) module

Also both 7K has two supervisor module in active/standby mode

vpc keep alive and vpc peer link( on port channel) is setup on 10G module between both 7K's

Im currently planning for an NX-OS upgrade and i wanted to keep the vpc keepalive/vpc peer link active during the process

my questions:

1. Is it a must to use 10 gig ports otherwise the peer link and keepalive will not form

2. can i configure vpc keep alive and peerlink on the 1G N7K-M148GT-11 copper module

3.can i form two sets of vpc keepalive and peerlink in two different vpc domain, so during the upgrade when one slot reboots, the other slot will keep the vpckeepalive and peerlink active

4. can i use the management modules on the supervisor modules to configure vpc keep alive

apart from the above question, could u just provide the best practice for my situation


hi there

se answers below:

1- Peer link must be 10 G and minimum 2x links, while keep-alive you can use 1G no problem with it

2- same as point 1 above

3- you can use different vPC domains in the same physical chassis ONLY if you have multiple VDCs then you can use a vPC domain per VDC

4- yes you can

hope this help



since im planning for an looking at different option of doing it.

Is it even possible to do an OS upgrade without breaking the vpckeep alive and peerlink since they are running on single 10G slot on both ends.

what different type of upgrade methods are available in nexus platform

I learnt about ISSU upgrade method with dual supervisors

would this method allow to keep vpc keepalive and peerlink active all the time

my understanding is during the upgrade process, when the slots are being upgarded, they would undergo an reboot, which would evantually break the keepalive and peer link

please advise


Hi Shiram

During the ISSU only control plane is upgraded which shouldn't interrupt the traffic.

Also it's not recommended to keep both peer-link and peer-kepalive on the same module.




Hi Oleksandr,

ISSU which upgrades only the control plane. Would this be considered to be a complete OS upgrade

I have seen ur other discussion about control and data plane fucntionality..

When only the control plane gets updated, i understand all routing and other fucntionality gets updated but would it be applied to the physical hardware like supervisor modules and other line cards ?

since u mentioned that data plance will not upgraded(traffic is not interupted). what happens when only control plane is upgraded and not the data plance ?

would the supervisor modules and line cards not be able to make use of the new fucntionality since the data plane is not upgraded ?

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