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Nexus - spanning -tree port type ?

Hi Guys,

I need spanning tree port type details network/edge/normal. what comes as default and when to use other port type in network.

how would it behave when VPC is configured.

Switch A                        Switch B

Switch C  ------------------- Switch D

                   Switch E

Switch A is connected to C and D with trunk ports forming Port channel and L3 interface is configured on same Port channel.

Same way SwitchB is connected with C and D these port channel are part of VPC.

From Switch E which is Access switch forming VPC with C and D.

C and D are agg switches and all VPC config are on it .

C interface facing D is configured with port type network. C and D interfaces facing A and B (L3 device facing ) are port type edge trunk and interfaces n C and D facing E are simply set for default.

Need any doc for deep drive.



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Nexus - spanning -tree port type ?

Hi Ajay,

It is recommended that switch-to-switch links are configured with the spanning-tree port type normalcommand. The one exception is the vPC peer-link which is recommended to configure with the spanning-tree port type network command.

Take a read of the Best Practices for Spanning Tree Protocol Interoperability from page 56 of the vPC Best Practice Design Guide for further information on this.



When changing the config from

When changing the config from "spanning-tree port type network" to "spanning-tree port type normal", does the link go down/break?

I currently have 2 vPC domains connected with a vPC with Bridge Assurance enabled (STP port type network).

I want to change my config but I have to do it all remote and make sure that the link doesn`t break. If if does break, both firewalls will be active at the same tyme (diagram attached).

Cisco Employee

I think spanning-tree port

I think spanning-tree port type network is the recommended practice for links connecting the cisco switches which support bridge assurance


...and finding out if Cisco

...and finding out if Cisco Switches support Bridge Assurance or not is no easy feat. Pretty much every non-NX-OS Switch I've connected in doesn't.

For the time poor, do yourself a favour and turn it off with "spanning-tree port type normal".

I hate the arrogant naming of this syntax by Cisco - having a port type of "network" that only seems to work with a small proportion of Network Kit (seemingly no IOS) is a little bit misleading.

Just going to get in my "vehicle type car", which is actually only a very specific model of RC Tyco Car...

Re: ...and finding out if Cisco

@spoofneted wrote:

...and finding out if Cisco Switches support Bridge Assurance or not is no easy feat. Pretty much every non-NX-OS Switch I've connected in doesn't.

I respectfully disagree ;-) show spanning-tree summary can give you the answer...

below a screenshot from an IOS device, BA is supported in IOS starting 12.2(33)SXI if I'm not mistaken...




spanning-tree port type

spanning-tree port type normal as well as spanning-tree port type network are used on ports connected to switches, the difference between them is:


normal: normal spanning-tree behaviour

network: Enablee spanning-tree with bridge assurance. If the opposite end does not support bridge assurance, it is recommended to configure spanning-tree port type normal, else the port / vlan(s) will be disabled.

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