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Ngenius port monitoring



I am trying ot understand Ngenius now I have it running with a switch and i can not get it to do packet captures or moniotor and layer 3 activity its all greyed out. Do you need a probe to monitor a network on the layer 3 level. I'm lost I can only see the span port that I have enabled on the seitch please someone give me a clue because the doucmentation is awful.




Yes, in order to view Network/Application Layer data and do Packet Capture, you must have a NAM or a Probe. Without it, for switches you'll only get mini-rmon data. Data Link Layer graphs only and no Packet Capture.

thank you very much for clearing that up for me appreciate it. What would consititue a probe could I make a probe server or is it just traffic manager or a NAM modual.

For instance is there like a probe client I could install on a server ?

Probe and NAM are separate piece of hardware. It's not a software application. Refer to the docs for more details on this:

I'm glad I found this posting which was totally by chance. I spent a week trying to get this packet analyzer to work. This should really be cleared up in the documentation.



Information about using and restrictions with Packet Analyzer and Traffic Monitor. This is because I can´t use Data Capture and there´s no information in CCO. I need to probe that this feature is not available in switches.

Do you have a useful link or documentation?.

Thank you.

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