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per user basis WAN utilization


I want to monitor the traffic flowing on frame relay PVC.

But not all of it, traffic destined for particular IPs and source IPs. So that I can collect the statistics and come to know how much WAN consumption is going on from per user basis, both Tx and Rx. I think I can use Netflow for this, to export the statistics.

But what software I should use on workstation to analyze the exported data? So I can get per user link utilization.

Is there any third party tool, to find out the same thing…I want to use it to find average/ideal figure, and I should be able to apply filters in that tool for particular IPs and ports. If I can get graphs for duration of few hours or so showing utilization and hike, that will be wonderful. This statistics will help me to troubleshoot network


OR I can move to the users side and collect statistics, that will also work, but I have to filter all local broadcast and unicast traffic.

Please suggest me any such tool.


Re: per user basis WAN utilization

My only suggestion would be to use something like a packeteer packet shaping device. This device sits between your router and LAN segement and see's all traffic. You can then setup filters based on IP address/host name and monitor traffic volumes, protocols etc. I have one in my production network and it has allowed me to quantify the amount of traffic from specific IP address's and then prioritise that traffic.

Hope this helps


Re: per user basis WAN utilization

We use NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer ( to analyze NetFlow data. It should provide you with what you need. There are a number of other NetFlow options available including some open source applications like FlowScan.

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