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Cisco Employee

Perfomance monitor and NMS


Customer is planning to use Performance monitor to collect application performance metrics (not video and audio applications).

So, we're looking at enabling Performance monitor at ASR 1002 routers (HQ) and 891 routers (branches).

The question is, which NMS system is able to accept SNMP traps?

And which one can collect Netflow data gathered by Performance monitor for historical information?

Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager works only with video traffic and video endpoints. I did't find capabilities of monitoring other applications.

Cisco Prime LMS 4.1 - any mechanisms to gather SNMP traps from Perf Mon? Have not found it...

What about Netflow? Which products might do this? Cisco/non-Cisco?

One more question: if routers use IPSec tunnels for communications between HQ and brances, will Performance Monitor work before encryption and after decryption? or it will not work with IPSec?

Thank you!


Cisco Employee

Hi Yuriy,

The medianet program periodically invites network management vendors to it's test labs to evaluate their capabilities. The results of the Cisco Developer Network (CDN) testing can be found at:

The page above includes network management and applicaiton management software that can ingest NetFlow reports from performance monitor.

Cisco Prime LMS is indeed able to ingest SNMP traps genericaly. That said, there are a number of tools that can act as an SNMP trap receiver. A partial list can be found at:

Currently, performance monitor can not observe traffic and derive traffic statistics that has been encrypted (post encryption analysis). This means that the performance monitor configuration needs to be done before the traffic has been encrypted or after it has been encrypted. Examples would be input/output on the LAN side (clear) interfaces or input/output on the GRE tunnel interfaces (for example in the case of DMVPN).

The c891 supports performance monitor as of 15.1(3)T and will be supported on the ASR1k next month in RLS11 (XE3.5).



Hi aa!

Thank you for response!

What about Cisco NetFlow Collector? Is it able to gather Netflow data from Perfromance Monitor?

And it is not that clear: can we used Cisco Prime LMS as SNMP trap receiver? or 3rd party solutions are more feature-rich?

Thank you!

You can find an updated cisco NFC configuration file that supports performance monitor NetFlow exports at:


Cisco Prime LMS can be used as a SNMP trap receiver. There is nothing special in LMS with respect to support of performance monitor generated traps. This means the performance monitor traps will be treated as 'unidentified trap'

LMS: Processing SNMP Traps