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Plan & Design an Campus Lan

Recently i was task to do a project on the designing of a campus lan of a building. Although i had just completed my CCNP. But this is not enough for me to design and implement a enterprise network. Hence i am seeking any suggesstion that is able to help me in my project.

The requirement is as follows

a. To plan and design a Campus LAN for users incorporating their corporate computing and scientific computing requirements.

b.deployment of Vlan and firewall and ids is required is a 9 storey bulding (let say over total network points in term of thousands)

d. collasped and distributed backbone mus be put in consideration

e. this building in turn will connect to a another main building for routing

f. lastest and best technology have to be put in consideration usin gigaethernet as bandwidth and speed is very critical in the building for transfer between bulidings.

g. policy at the distribution layer have to be put in consideration


1) which series of layer 2 switches access layer is best suited to such network as it is a enterprise network project

2)which series layer 3 switch is best for distribution layer

3)any suggestion in designing the overall lan network topology in this building?

4)any suggestion in turn of security and redundacy as well as technologies to use for the very best bandwidth, convergence and speed?


Cisco Employee

Re: Plan & Design an Campus Lan

You left out one major part of your plan. What is your budget? That is where I would start. There are a lot of customer that want the very best 6513's at the access layer. They can use it for expanding later on. For example, you could go with 2900xl's at the edge or 2948g's, there is a big price difference.

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