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port redundancy ???



I was wondering that if some thing like HSRP is possible in the layer 2 world. I was thinking that what could be done if you were to have a router connected to a switch via two links and that if it is possible to have redundancy for the router using two switch ports.

Some one told me that is is possible to group two PIX interfaces, IS IT????



If you're looking for two router ports to share the same IP address then I would suggest Etherchanneling. You can set up an Etherchannel between the two layer 2 switchports and the two layer 3 router ports.

This will provide both redundancy for the physical ports and it will also provide a load sharing circuit where both pathways will be used.

For more information on Layer 3 Etherchannels in IOS check out the following links.

For Etherchannel configuration on switches try the following link:

Thanks alot

I didnt know that routers support ether-channeling.

The link you gave me is an IOS I dont have witch thanks to you I will bye.

How about PIX.

I have a PIX that connects my network together and I was wondering how I could make the best out of it.

Does it support some type of ether channeling??

Thanks again

You don't necessarily need that exact code. For 2600's, 3600's, and 3700's the feature was introduced in versions 12.2(2)XT and above for the 7500's it was introduced in 12.0(14)S.

I'm really not sure about the PIX. I did a little poking around and didn't find anything, but I'm hesitant to say it's not possible because I just don't have enough experience with the box.

I've looked for a version of IOS that does EtherChannel on a 3620. I can't find anything ending in XT and if you do a search on the feature navigator page for etherchannel it doesn't list 2600's, 3600's, or 3700's. Does this really exist?

Yes it does really exist.

I performed the same search you did and for some reason when you search on Etherchannel or FastEtherchannel by feature, it doesn't show the 2600s, 3600s or 3700s.

However, if you search by product (3620 or 2620) and choose IOS code 12.2, the feature is listed as Fast EtherChannel (FEC).

As for the existence of 12.2XT, this version of IOS came from the command history section of the command reference documentation, it could be a typo or it may be an OS that was pulled.

It also looks like there is some disparity between what the command reference calls FastEtherchannel vs. Etherchannel. If it's on a 2600, 3600, or 3700 the command reference calls it Etherchannel (although it's only supported on 100Mbps links) and for the 7500s its called FastEtherchannel. Interestingly enough the command is the same for both definitions (channel-group), but it appears there are more options for the 2600, 3600, and 3600 routers.

So it looks like it depends on how you do the search in the feature navigator as to whether or not it shows up there, but it defiantly exists.

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