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recover enable secret password


I configured the enable secret password on a 2610 router a couple of days ago and tested it after the configuration to make sure it worked OK. Now, I can't seem to be able to get in to the privileged mode using this password. Is there any way to recover it without downing a router?




No. Password recovery requires a power reset and physical connectivity to the device.

Just a couple of things to consider before you start password recovery. Check the caps lock key. Passwords are case sensitive. Also try typing with a space at the end of the password in the event you configured that way.

Thanks for your reply. Will the router be able to retain the config after the password recovery?

Thanks again.

If you saved your configuration using the command copy running-config startup-config (or write memory), then yes the configuration will stay in tact if you perform password recovery using this process:

A synopsis of what the procedure involves is to:

1.) Power cycle the router and configure it to ignore the configuration file during boot.

2.) Move into privileged exec mode. Since the router ignored the config there is no configuration in memory (but the config file still exists).

3.) Copy the configuration file into memory. (copy startup-config running-config).

4.) Move into configuration mode, enable all of the configured interfaces and change the privileged password.

5.) Save the configuration (with the new password).

6.) Configure the router to read the configuration file during boot.

The procedure requires direct access to the console port of the router and it requires a reboot. If you have previously saved your configuration and you follow the procedure using the steps in the link provided then you will retain all of the config (except for the password that you changed


This was so so helpful. In my case it was a space after the password. Thanks.

Georg Pauwen
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you can recover a lost enable password, but not a password that you configured with the enable secret command (enable secret password). This password is encrypted and must be replaced with a new enable secret password. That is, you will have to do a password recovery...



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