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School district: How to use Universal Small Cell 7000 ?

How does an "end user" go about making use of the Cisco Universal Small Cell 7000 series product?

We are a rural school district with 0-1 bars of coverage in most of the building, for GSM or CDMA. I would like to have strong coverage throughout the building.

I see Cisco has this Small Cell service, but as it says on the product datasheet....


The software for the Cisco USC 7330 is only licensed by Cisco to service providers and others that have the rights and authority to deploy and radiate in the licensed spectrum bands.

Ordering Information

The Cisco USC 7330 is available for sale to service providers that have WCDMA, HSPA, and HSPA+ technology and spectrum assets in 3G Band 1 (2100 MHz) or Bands 2 or 5 (1900 or 850 MHz). 

So apparently I can't just go out and buy this. How am I supposed to go about getting this installed?

I need to have a "relationship" with Verizon, AT&T, or maybe both of them? 


You need to go to your favourite carrier and ask them for a price to put in such a cell.  Carriers often have products like MicroCell, FemtoCell, PicoCell, etc.

You need to have licenced spectrum, and a carrier infrastructure to be able to deploy such devices.  Hence end users can not buy direct.  They must buy from their own carrier and use the carriers resources.

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This product can only be deployed by mobile phone carriers because you need to have your own spectrum (which is not available to the public). 

In 2015, I was told that this product is dead and won't go any further.  One of the reason behind this is because the carriers are unwilling to "share" the profits with the public and this is what caused for this product not being able to gain any traction.  When a carrier deploys these devices to, say a school, who's going to pay for the bandwidth?  Next, if the solution was deployed on an AP and the site does firmware upgrade and destroys the cell, who's responsibility is it to fix?  The other bad thing about this is each "cell" is limited to only one carrier.  

We need a few here but we can't get it.  

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