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Seedy problem with CiscoWorks 2000

Trying to get CiscoWorks 2000 running for the first time. So far, no luck.

I loaded all the CD's on a virgin Win2K Pro box using all the default configuration options. I can launch CW from my browser and login without any errors.

In "Server Configuration/Setup/ANI Server Admin/Discovery Schedule" I entered the IP address of a 4006 switch (ip address of the SC0 port) as the seed device. I checked the Jump Router Boundaries and Use Reverse DNS Entries (I have DNS A records and IN.ADDR.ARPA PTR records for all switches in the network). Under Filtering Criteria, I selected Filter by IP Address and Discover Devices only in these Ranges - with the range set to 10.1.1.* (all switches are in the to 200 range using the default mask).

I applied the settings and ran an immediate discovery. Campus Manager Topology Services lists the seed device in the Network Views/Unconnected Devices View. The IP address is resolved to its FQDN, but the Device Type is unknown and State is unreachable. All other views in Campus Manager are blank.

The actual switch is fully functional and I have no problems accessing it through Telnet. The switch is a VTP client and has correct VTP Domain info. I have set up SNMP RO and RW communities on all switches and entered that configuration in CW.

I think I have done all that the online help says is necessary to discover devices. I can see all devices through CDP using Telnet.

Since this install has never worked, and I have never installed CiscoWorks before, rookie error is highly probable. Suggestions are gratefully appreciated.


Re: Seedy problem with CiscoWorks 2000

Couple of things would be helpful like the version of Campus Manager?. Does this Cat4006 have a SUP-III (WS-X4014) installed in it?

Additionally you can also look at: which is a good tech tip related to this issue.

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Re: Seedy problem with CiscoWorks 2000

Campus Manager version is 3.2. The Cat4006 has a WS-X4013 Catalyst 4000 Supervisor 2 Engine installed.

Will check out the link next. Thanks.


Re: Seedy problem with CiscoWorks 2000

In Server Configuration/Setup/ANI Server Admin/SNMP Settings, did you replace the default community strings ie *.*.*.*:public::::::public with your own community strings, or did you add your own community strings after this line. If the latter, you must comment out the default community strings else ANI will always use those for discovery. Also check you've got the right number of colons ':'

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Re: Seedy problem with CiscoWorks 2000

I set the ro and rw community names on my switches and set the community string to match using the format:


where the first set of x's is the ro community name and the second is the rw community name. Both names are alphanumeric with no special characters. The example community string is commented with a #.

Do I have to enable anything on the switch to get SNMP to work beyond setting the community names? Do I have to enable traps for example?

The documentation suggests the status message I am seeing (Campus Manager/Topology Services/Network Views/Unconnected Devices View/State = Unreachable) indicates CiscoWorks cannot talk to SNMP. The DNS name has been properly resolved and I can still ping the seed switch IP address.

I'm probably overlooking something simple. Just don't see it yet.


Re: Seedy problem with CiscoWorks 2000


First of all in snmp configuration, Remove default configuration lines (Public one) and just kept your snmp settings sentence. Also make sure that 6 colleens (:) should be between read & write community string.


Re: Seedy problem with CiscoWorks 2000

Can you see the switch in CiscoView?

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Re: Seedy problem with CiscoWorks 2000

How do you launch CiscoView? I saw it install from CD One.

Narrowed the problem down to two possible solutions. First, Cisco tech support said Windows 2000 SP3 is very very bad. I reinstalled from a clean partition and added SP2. Reinstall of CW2K bundle using typical option yielded same symptoms as before.

Noticed the opening window of CiscoWorks said I was running an unsupported browser (IE 5.0) I updated my browser to IE 5.5 SP2 and shazam - there were all my devices.

Now I can start playing with my new toy. Thanks for responses.

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