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setting up 2 vlans for 2 pixs.

I have a situation that I was trying to seek some assistance on. At this site, there are 2 Internet connections, 1 T1 and 1 Cable. Right now everything is going out the T1. They would like to add the cable ISP and a PIX 501 for guests and have all the Access Points using the Cable ISP and keep everything internal using the T1 like they are now. The current setup goes like this. T1 -> PIX 515 -> Cisco 4000 series router -> 2950. Would like the add the Cable -> PIX 501 -> 2950 -> AP. I know that I need to configure a VLAN for the wireless on the 2950s, but how would I configure a default route since the default route is being used already for the the other VLAN? I think that I am making this much more difficult than it really is.


I hope I understand your question taht you want to install two ISP uplink into your pix.

There is no chance to connect your pix to two ISPs, at same time only one ISP can be used as active. In 7.2 version there is the option for tracking and in this case the second ISP connection can become active.

You can add maximum three default route, but using the same outside interface, but this is not acceptable for this scenario.

If you install second PIX, just use in the guest VLAN as default GW the new PIX inside interface and that's all. On 2950 you just use L2 VLAN.



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Cable -> PIX 501 -> 2950 -> AP

as I understand

you have another pix that is going to connect with cable ISP.

PIX 501 doesn't support virtual interface so you cant provide inter vlan communication but you can connect insdie interface of PIX to 2950 and define the gatway in AP pix 501 address, you can configure vlan pruning to define the allow list of vlan for new trunk and i think that will do

That makes sense, so I shouldn't have to define another default route for the wireless vlan? Just set the default GW on the access points to point back to the PIX 501 and setup the vlan on the certain ports that I am going to use for the access points?

You are right, your default GW will be the PIX 501 inside interface. Go ahead...



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