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Setup 2950 to talk back to 3550-24-FX

I'm trying to connect 2 switches as follows: I have a 3550-24-FX switch as a core component at the main closet, from port # 6 on the 3550-24-FX I have a fiber patch cable going to a fiber panel. Then I have another wiring closet where the fiber panel goes to another fiber panel. From closet # 2 I have a fiber patch cable going to a fiber to copper converter, then from the converter I have an ethernet patch cable to a port on the 2950 switch. I get lights on both switches at each end, but there is no traffic, I cannot ping anything and I know trunking ports are setup right. What am I missing here? Will the config file help?

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Re: Setup 2950 to talk back to 3550-24-FX


if you are sure that your physical connectivity is ok, check if the trunks is 802.1Q on the 3550. The 2950 supports 802.1Q only.

Also, check if your VTP domain and version are the same on both switches (with the ´show vtp status´) command. In order to be sure that all VLANs are properly trunked, configure the 3550 as VTP server, and the 2950 as VTP client.

Posting the configs of your devices would certainly be useful.




Re: Setup 2950 to talk back to 3550-24-FX

Can you see the other via cdp ? If no then you have some physical layer issue that must be resolved. Also make sure the media converter is the correct one for the type of fiber you are using . Posting the configs would help .

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Re: Setup 2950 to talk back to 3550-24-FX


What media converter are you using? (Manufacturer and model). Also, what DIP switch or jumper settings are configured, if any.

Some converters autodetect duplex, while others need to be set manually. Also, some will hold the local RJ45 switchport connection up (LED is lit) even when the fiber connection is down; while others will appear down at both ends if there is any kind of fault on either the fiber side or the copper side of the converter.

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