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SG500 or 3560x for 375 poe ports (117 of which are poe+ 25w needed)

Hi there, new to the boards but looking for some assistance since it's been awhile

since I've worked with the Cisco products.

I'm working on a configuration that will involve roughly 400 gig ports and looking

to provide 25w of poe+ to 117 ports and the rest regular poe and trying to figure

the best product to do this with.   This will be for 1-2megapixel ip cameras.

Was thinking of stacking SG500's but really feel the 3560x's in stacked configuration

would be better.. There is a budget and not looking to go core chassis really.

Can't tell really from the data sheets if you can put an 1100w power supply and a 700w

power supply in a single 3560 to acheive 25w on every port in a 24 or 48 port switch.

There will be 15 servers involved and even though the switches will be stacked I was

leaning towards putting a server or two on each switch vs. a traditional star design.

any help would be great... thx.

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Re: SG500 or 3560x for 375 poe ports (117 of which are poe+ 25w

since I've worked with the Cisco products.

  • Well, let´s start the "propaganda" (thanks to google cache): "Of course you could look at other vendors as well" Sorry couldn´t resist

  • Btw, 3560X cannot be stacked, 3750X is needed. Perhaps something has changed recently?
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SG500 or 3560x for 375 poe ports (117 of which are poe+ 25w need

As what Michael has posted, you cannot stack a 3560X.  Stacking is the exclusive domain of the 3750-series of switches ... until recently.

The 2960S can now do stacking but with alot of hardware limitation that it won't fit what you are doing now.  That leaves the 3750X.  3750X can support up to 48 ports operating at 30.0 PoE if you purchase the big power supplies.  You can also stack the power (up to four) so if a PS on one switch fails, the second switch can provide redundancy.

The main limitation of this scenario is the the amount of Gig ports you need (117) and the total amount of 1/10Gbps the 3750X can have.  117 x 1 Gbps ports is ALOT.   And I don't know what bandwidth these cameras use.  But with 117 ports, you will wind up having three units of 3750X in a stack.  Each unit of the 3750X can support up to two 10 Gbps so you get a maximum of about 60 Gbps if you configure etherchannel.

Think about this.

By the way, if you are willing to wait for a few more weeks, something big is coming in January 2013.  It has the numbers 3, 8, 5 and 0.

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