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Tangent Tue: 2nd week of Sept

Every Tuesday we cover a Borderless Networks topic that is outside of thecurrent discussions.

Like any good marketer, I follow a few blogs/communities to get a feel forwhat issues customers are running into, and to see how Cisco is being perceivedoutside our own space. I found a question on Infoblox that I thought thiscommunity may find interesting as well for a couple reasons.

The question was asking how to identify retired components when working withthe Cat 3750. I know that replacing old equipment is especially relevant toswitching, where there is a huge installed base (reason 1).

Reason 2: we haven’t really covered much around out network managementsolutions, and this question provides the perfect opportunity to showcase whatour stuff is about. The suggested answer to the q was to write a script thatwould ID EoL/EoS stuff. In addition to that suggestion, I thought folks mightbe interested in our network management solutions that will save you that timeif you’re facing the same thing:

Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution gives you reports that help assessinventory, EOL/EOS status, and other features like PSIRT, configuration synch,best practices deviations, etc. Here is a datasheet that outlines it all.

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