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Tangent Tue: 3rd week of Nov (Effeciency)

Continuing from last week’s Tangent Tuesday, here is use case #2 from the Frost and Sullivan desktop virtualization study: enhancing IT productivity and simplifying IT management.

We all know that IT responsibilities become more complicated as the network grows to support mobile/remote workers and devices, as they are responsible for managing a wider variety of applications, devices, and more. This means IT needs to find ways to better scale resources and meet the growing network demands.

As we discussed last week, desktop virtualization saves your company money. It also helps IT run more efficiently. By centralizing desktops in the data center, your IT centralizes support, procurement, and maintenance. This enables IT to support a broad network from just a few locations, consolidating the systems and tasks they are responsible for. (For example, in many companies, getting new users up and running can take several days. The consolidated steps with a virtual desktop can be quickly activated in minutes.)

While desktop virtualization offers many promising answers, implementation is the key. That would explain why only 3 percent of desktops have been virtualized when about half of enterprise business are piloting desktop virtualization.

This is why we again are returning to Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI). VXI makes desktop virtualization an easy task by giving IT the tools they need to be more productive: as we discussed last week, Cisco Unified Computing System (past of our VXI solution) provides 60 percent better virtual machine density per blade, enabling a larger number of desktop images to be stored in the same amount of space. This not only helps control costs, but also gives IT fewer components to implement, track, configure, and maintain.

We will be back next week with another use case/technical highlight of our VXI solution.

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