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Tangent Tue: IT saves the co. money

Our fifth VXI use case from the Frost and Sullivan/Cisco study is looking at how IT saves money and improves remote capabilities for employees from an environmental perspective.

You’re probably familiar with it being trendy for organizations are making efforts to integrate in green initiatives. But, did you know that IT is one of the organizations that can have the biggest impact on helping businesses go green?

IT is the key to enabling a wireless network—we all know telecommuting and supporting workforce mobility can reduce our overall carbon-footprint, indirectly contributing to an organization’s green efforts. Direct efforts can be simple too, like optimizing power to help minimize use of unneeded resources. These two examples not only allow companies reduce expenses and increase productivity, but also offer employees flexibility in terms of from where they work, how they work, and which devices can be supported because more funding is available. Wouldn’t you like to have that freedom at your job?

Of course, setting up every user remotely could be a major pain for IT. Most people still need an office workspace even if they can work from home. Supporting an additional home workspace may seem like two times the effort. Then layer on tablet support, smartphone support…

Here is where virtual desktops can help IT. Virtual desktops scale to support a wider variety of clients in a secure manner.. Plus, migrating users to thin clients can extend the lifespan of equipment and reduce frequency of re-deployment, helping IT cut both equipment costs and operational costs.

Cisco Virtual Experience Infrastructure (VXI) can help IT align to corporate Green programs in multiple ways. Part of the VXI solution, Cisco offers Universal Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches and virtualized PoE endpoints. These can all leverage Cisco EnergyWise monitoring and enforcing policies to power up ports and endpoints only when they are specifically required. When you multiply this by global locations, the savings can be huge.

How is IT integrated in green efforts in your organization? How would IT’s role change—and your job change—in your company if you could measure the reduction of changes to the environment and the corporate bottom line?

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