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traffic management ACL's.....and the rest!

I am in need of managing my cicuit due to congetstion at certain times of the day. This is usually due to a mailing list we deply a few times a week. Of course on an unmanaged network, we have issueswith pages being accessed as well as simple udp(dns) and ssh sessions.

I was looking into rate-limit and traffic-shape and started writing a rough draft of the ACLs i needed and I saw a problem. I am going to have to different types of tcp traffic that I want to regulate...say smtp and http. Well basically I need to regulate the smtp traffic and I am wondering how I can shape the inbound (established) smtp connection without shaping the other established tcp traffic like the web and ssh sessions? The outbound is easy...based on the destination port of 25, but the established inbound mail sessions....will all established mail sessions always be coming from port 25? I am not positive on this, but for some reason I think that it is not the case.

Ultimately I need to come up with a schema to implement QOS on my LAN. Of cource I want to do this with my cisco hardware....which is why we are engaged at the moment. I am working with a 2500 running 12.2. So if anyone can even point me to a good resource that will help in this, that would be most appreciated.

Also, this is almost embarrassing to ask....Is a T1 going to be 1.54 Mbps up and down? I believe it is but cannot find it written anywhere to confirm.

thanks in advance,


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The functional differences between shaping and policing, both of which limit the output rate. Though both mechanisms use a token bucket as a traffic meter to measure the packet rate, they have important functional differences.

Could you please refer the below link to get more information about Qos and traffic-policing.