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uBR7225vxr router - can't see cable interface, and missing 'cable' command

I have a uBR7225vxr, with a uBR-E-16U card, which, is basically is as we received it from Cisco.  It's never been used, nor even powered up as far as I'm aware, but it's been hanging around for 2 years now.

However, we need to get it configured up to be able to use it, and I have found the documentation on the Cisco site for it, we have version 12.2(33)SCA IOS release.

I'm not too familiar with the product, but I started working through the install guide, and found that when I got to the interface configuration section I was able to configure a GigabitEthernet0/0 for my management network, but I could not see any cable interfaces listed at all, as the install guide suggests.

After completing the configuration of the GigabitEthernet0/0 I end up with a slightly different prompt to that shown in the guide, essentially asking if I want to configure more interfaces, or save the config, or lose the config.

If I save it shows the configuration file its generated, and I can save it.

Since I couldn't see the Cable interface as expected I then tried to use the 'cable' command, but regardless when I put in cable, or cable with any other parameters I get a command not found type message.  This happens regardless of being in the 'enable' mode or not, or in the 'configure terminal' mode.

Based on the documentation I should have just seen the cable interface in the list, plus I should have been able to use the 'cable' command.  Without these I'm unable to continue the configuration process, as far as I can see?

Any help would be really greatly appreciated!


Re: uBR7225vxr router - can't see cable interface, and missing '

Can you post a 'show inventory'?

What NPE are you running?

The IOS looks fine


Re: uBR7225vxr router - can't see cable interface, and missing '

I have just gone onto it, while in enable mode I did the 'show inventory' and I got no output/result:

lab-cmts01(boot)# show inventory


I'm not too sure what I would expect, should I expect to see my output card in this list?  I wasn't sure if I should, due to my unfamiliarity with the equipment.

The NPE is an UBR7200-NPE-G1.

The 'enable' light is turned on, on the output card, and it turns off when I turn off the slot.  It won't come back on when I turn the slot back on:


lab-cmts01(boot)#hw-module slot 1 stop


*Dec 12 12:39:38.935: %PA-3-DEACTIVATED: port adapter in bay [1] powered off.


lab-cmts01(boot)#hw-module slot 1 start

*Dec 12 12:44:17.547: %SYS-2-LINKED: Bad enqueue of 6170255C in queue 61702924 -

Process= "OIR Handler", ipl= 3, pid= 19

-Traceback= 6067E4E0 6067EA24 60780F9C 6089BCF0 6089C05C 608B915C

*Dec 12 12:44:28.247: %PA-4-IMPROPER_REMOVAL: Improper removal for slot 1.

*Dec 12 12:44:28.247: %PA-3-DEACTIVATED: port adapter in bay [1] powered off.


*Dec 12 12:45:13.915: %PA-3-BRINGUPFAIL: port adapter in bay [1] failed to reset




Cisco Employee

Re: uBR7225vxr router - can't see cable interface, and missing '

Hi Chris,

I just noticed your CLI prompt is "(boot)" - If you can make sure you're not running a boot version.

Normally the boot versions are reserved for getting bare-bones running configurations and network access in place. That would explain why you can't configure your MC16U card.

If you do a "sh ver" make sure it's listing the IOS you mention (12.2(33)SCA).

Couple of things to check:

1. Check your "show bootvar" and make sure there is a path to your image (normally this is on disk2: somewhere)

2. Check your config reg (via "show ver") and make sure it's 0x2102 otherwise it wont follow the bootvariable in step 1.

Once you boot into the full IOS version you should be able to start CMTS configuration.

Here's the general reference I use:




Re: uBR7225vxr router - can't see cable interface, and missing '

Ah, okay, this sounds like a problem.

I see this:

lab-cmts01(boot)#show bootvar

BOOT variable does not exist

CONFIG_FILE variable does not exist

BOOTLDR variable does not exist

Configuration register is 0x2102

When I look on the compact flash card I have found that no files exist on it, and I believe that the CF is where the full IOS software should be, as a .bin file?

I have identified that I would probably need 'ubr7200-k9pu2-mz.122-33.SCA.bin', although I can also see 'ubr7200-ik9pu2-mz.122-33.SCA.bin' is avaialble too.

I can't seem to download these images, and have no packaging or documentation which was originally supplied - the unit was put in the rack a long time ago, but never used.

Thanks for the help, it looks likely this has identified the problem, but I cannot continue the configuration until I get this full IOS image.

Cisco Employee

Re: uBR7225vxr router - can't see cable interface, and missing '

Hi Chris,

If you have a CCO ID you can log into support page and get the desired image:

The "ik9pu2" versus the "k9pu2" image is just the extra "i" stands for the IP+ feature set. Depending on what you want your router to do, you may need that IP+ feature set. I can tell you though from a purely cable features standpoint there is no difference between the two (again only for the cable features).

Once you get the image, copy it onto that CF disk,  it should read as filesystem "disk2:" (e.g. show disk2:) when inserted.

To set your bootvar:

router# conf t

router(config)# no boot system     ! this clears any old boot var

router(config)# boot system disk2:ubr7200-k9pu2-mz.122-33.SCA.bin            ! here I just put the expected path

router(config)# end

router# write mem

At this point a "show bootvar" should point to the correct path. Reload and it should boot that IOS.



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