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Using the NAM in a 6513 to monitor RMON on an uplink.

I should be able to gather and monitor rmon statistics using the NAM. When I go into the NAM's monitor mode and look at port stats I get the following error message:

No data available.

Possible reasons:

- Switch community string not configured properly. Test at Setup > Switch Parameters

- RMON Stats not enabled on the switch ports. Check switch configuration

I tested the community string and it was ok.

I configured the port that I wished to monitor with:

"rmon promiscuous"

That seemed like the only option to configure this model with. I tried to configure "rmon collection rmon1", on the interface, to enable all possible collection stats but there is no such command.

In the end I would like to look at port usage, to set up a new ACL on my edge that denys all protocols not currently in use. (and maybe understand those in use better and weed them). A big undertaking....


Is everyone at Star Wars never to return?


AFAIR, you need to configure "rmon collection stats owner monitor" for every port that you want stats on - oh and needs to be unique.

You may want to write a small script to generate the commands for you if you want to monitor a bunch of ports.

It worked but it simply provided the same information that I could have got from sh int. CPU or memory utilization didn't go up. The original command from the IOS command lookup tool: This command would keep details from each packet, well beyond traffic summaries. The command does not seem to be available on the Catalyst 6513...

rmon collection rmon1

To enable all possible autoconfigurable Remote Monitoring (RMON) MIB statistic collections on the interface, use the rmon collection rmon1 command in interface configuration mode. To disable these statistic collections on the interface, use the no form of the command.

rmon collection rmon1 controlEntry integer [owner ownername]

no rmon collection rmon1 controlEntry integer [owner ownername]

Syntax Description

controlEntry integer

Specifies an identification number for the RMON group of statistics. The integer can be any number in the range from 1 to 65535.

owner ownername

(Optional) Specifies the name of the owner of the RMON group of statistics.



Command Modes

Interface configuration

Command History

Release Modification


This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

Use the show rmon matrix command to display RMON statistics.


The following command enables the RMON collection rmon1 group of statistics with an ID number of 30, and specifies "john" as the owner:

Router(config-if)# rmon collection rmon1 controlEntry 30 owner john

Related Commands

Command Description

show rmon matrix

Displays the RMON MIB matrix table.

Wouldn't you get similar information by using a Netflow data source?


-- -Mark Turpin

I think that this would take a Netflow Feature Card. I don't have one but collecting detailed information on port utilization toghether with IP address information is harder than it looks. It doesn't seem possible to do this with the Fluke Optiview GE model, (can only capture and then decode, not decode or filter much on the fly). Nor with the NAM. Makes a good case for Netflow card though.

The IOS itself only has multicast and MPLS netflow.

I don't believe you do. The MSFC would be configured with the appropriate ip route-cache flow commands, and you will configure your supervisor (if running hybrid) set the set mls nde commands.

Check the configuration and command reference guides here for more information:


Mark Turpin

-- -Mark Turpin
Mark Turpin


BTW I'm using 6513's with NAM's + Netflow, and it is working today.

Good luck,


-- -Mark Turpin

Do any of you know if the NAM2 can monitor RMON from a remote switch and not just on the local switch, I'm having trouble seening RMON collections from remote switches.