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visio add-on

DOes any one know or have a link to documentation

for the cisco visio add on ??

What Does It DO?


Re: visio add-on

I don't know of "Visio add-on" however, there are lots of Visio stencils of Cisco devices available to download here:

These are really useful for impressing the management with fancy network diagrams!

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Re: visio add-on

Re: visio add-on

DOes any one know or have a link to documentation

for the cisco visio add on ??

What Does It DO?


Add-ons is mainly used to enjoy the full functionality of all the Cisco Visio Stencils,Hope that clear your query !!

below is the link for cisco visio add-on and stencil links

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Re: visio add-on

I have found the cisco visio add-on, I have installed the Cisco Visio add-on, but what does

it do and how do you get it to work? Was that your original question because the issue I have is that I get an error message when I try to run the add-on. Anybody have tips to make it work!




Re: visio add-on

i also would like to know what this software does.  two programs installed, i can see the addon running inside visio,... but what does it do?

wouldnt it be good if you could download an addon that allowed you to  search for cisco equipment and then use it inside visio

perhaps even a text document with instructions or release information

or even a couple of lines on the website describing what it does

crazy talk!


Re: visio add-on

Can somebody please respond with exactly what this tool does? It doesn't run on  my system but I want to know if it's worth the time to try and fix it.


Re: visio add-on

i never found out, but...

using visio 2010 (and possibly eariler versions)

1. download stencil files

2. extract into [user profile] -> my documents -> my shapes

3. wthin visio shapes window select: more shapes -> my shapes

the stencils should be added to the list automatically and once used will be automatically loaded!


Re: visio add-on

Recently had to re-build my Visio system.  Downloaded all the stencils again and I also ran accross the Add-on off of the Cisco Site.  From what I can gather this is what it does.

Once you have a drawing open and you have added a stencil or created one you can then run the Cisco Network Equipment Information add-on form teh Tools  --> add-on menu.  This gives you the following fields:

Manufacturer Name:  You would think ths would automatically say Cisco Systems, Inc but it is Blank

Product Part Number:

Product Short Description:

Product Long Description:

Product Family:

I think the purpose of this is really for custom stencils.  Instead of having to deal with the full properties window in visio it simply lets you deal with the Vendor and platform information for a custom stencil.  I have validated this by downloading the Cisco-3D sencil library from  The MDS 9506 Unit that is represented in that stencil pack produces the following when I run the Cisco Visio add-on against it;

Manufacturer Name:   Cisco Systems, Inc

Product Part Number:  Cisco Systems, Inc

Product Short Description:  Cisco Systems, Inc

Product Long Description:  MDS 9506

Product Family: MDS 9506

While this is clearly not detialed info it is info that was added to a custom stencil to the properties fields.

Also interesting is that if you run this against official Cisco stencils you get nothing but blank fields so they are not using this add-on.  I wonder to some extent if this is not a tool used by vendors such as NetformX to create imbeded info that is exportable from their product back into visio the other way around.

I would still love to hear what someone from Cisco has to say officially about this but I am a bit wiser to the purpose than a few hours ago.


visio add-on

The Cisco Visio Add-On (Zip - 1MB) on page

This add-on works in Visio 2010 and adds right-click context to the Visio stencil once it is placed on the drawing. It adds custom fields, text label, and a hyperlink to the Cisco product page, among others.

Cisco Employee

Re: visio add-on

Hi Mathew,

We are Cisco's Visio developers and have been providing this service since late 2009.  However, that add-on was created by another provider some years ago and it really does not do anything useful.  We believe that its purpose was to enable a tabular organization in the custom properties and shape data windows but we could not see any effect when we installed it.

The behaviors you indicated above that you can access with a right-click on the shape are only avalable in the shapes we have developed.  They don't require the add-on to work.  We used ShapeSheet functions to enable them so that no additonal program installations are required.  You simply open the stencil, drag your shapes to the page, and they work as you described.  Certain shape data fields have also been pre-populated with information while others are left to the user to fill in.

I just wanted to clarify this for Cisco's Visio user comminity. If you have any questions about Cisco's Visio shapes you may contact me directly at


Brett Newman

Visimation Inc.

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