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VlanTrunk between Cat3524 and 3Com3300 ?

I'm trying to get a 3com box to talk to a dot1q trunk on a cat3524. So far I understand that the 3com talks VLT on 3com proprietry trunks only so the 3com manual suggests that to connect to other vendors dot1q trunks I have to set up each of the vlans that we want to use separately on the 3300, making sure that I use the same vlan ids as exist in our main cisco vtp domain. Then I'm told to add all of them to the port on the 3com switch that I want to use as a trunk - as in a multi port. The Cat3524's trunk port that the 3300 is hooked up to looks like this :

Interface FastEthernet0/5

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

I only seem to get connectivity on vlan 1 so I'm assuming that the native vlans aren't mismatched - although I have tried adding the line :

switchport trunk native vlan 1

to the cat's trunk, which made no difference so I wonder if I'm right in presuming that vlan1 is indeed the native vlan ?

I've also tried setting up the cat's trunk as a multi port - however I get a "Command rejected: One or more ports is already configured as a trunk port" message when I type it in configure mode.

Has anyone any experience or tips in trying to get this to work or should I just trade-in my old 3300's?

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