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VTP Mismatch


Hello all,

I have two Catalyst 4003 Switches connected via trunk. Both are running the same VTP versions, password and domain. One of them is Transparent and the other a client.

The show trunk on both sides are showing "*" indicating VTP Domain mismatch.

The VTP Server is connected to hops away from the client in question:

VTP Server -> VTP Transparent -> VTP client* -> VTP Transparent*

Has anybody already seen problems when a client is retransmitting to a transparent ? Do you have a suggestion about the possible root cause ?





I don't see the purpose of that design.

Transparent Mode will pass VTP updates received by switches in Server Mode to other switches in the VTP management domain, but will not actually process the contents of these messages.

Do you have a large amount vlan changes that you need to propagate? If not, why not make them all Transparent? No vtp doamain needed and

VTP names are used only in the context of synchronizing VTP databases.

A VTP transparent mode switch does not require a VTP domain name.

Maybe the client

Switches in the VTP transparent mode relay the VTP mesaages when they are in the same domain name or the NUll domain.

Try changing the domain name of the transparent switch to the domain name of the server.

Also try changing the VTP version to 2, but this will require that all your switches supporting VTP version 2

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