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What is the best solution to my company's needs?



I would like to know what do I really need for my company. Now my network runs slow. I have computers that are connected with my server in order to run the software (ERP), I have credit card readers, cameras, IP phones. Also I am connected with an antenna to my home (which is 3km away) there I have another internet connection and other computers which are connected to my company's server again in order to run the ERP from my home.


So what do I really need a switch a router? Now it is a mess, from my house I connect to my company's internet, from my company I see the router of my home... And it runs slow the whole infustracture.


I would like to know from an expert what do I need to buy and exact models? Will the SG102-104 will work? This is the one that my technician proposes. What is the difference between a 150$ switch and a 700$ switch? What about the security...


I hope someone may guide me, I am disappointed. An example image is attached. Well thank you in advance from my heart!

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I would strongly suggest

I would strongly suggest hiring a consulting firm in your area that does this sort of thing.

There is no "box " solution that will solve your problems.

You would greatly benefit from a more holistic approach to determining your network needs, and

how to accomplish that in a cost effective manner.

Just the effort required to design a secure environment demands an end to end approach.


the difference between a $150 switch and $700 is $550, usually ports, port density and feature sets.


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