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Why doesn't the TV in my packet tracer display anything?



In my packet tracer, after connecting the coaxial cable splitter (coaxial2)  to the TV using the TV cable, once I turn on the TV, there's a green arrow signal and when I turn it off, it shows a red arrow signal. 


According to Packet tracer, if my connection is right, the TV is supposed to show an image. So why is it showing green signal for ON and red signal for OFF, could it be owing to the version of the packet tracer I'm using? I'm using Cisco Packet Tracer 8.1.1


Martin L
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VIP Advisor

You must manually add an image now; your Image goes into Cloud under Config tab , Global settings, then TV settings, just below Name of Cloud

You can attach your PT file here but it must be in a zip format


Regards, ML
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I have added the TV to cloud but it doesn't display on the virtual tv on the workspace, only display on the TV physical properties gui box

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