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X25 Protocol translation problem

We are using a Cisco 2600 to convert incoming X25 streams from Point of Sale terminals to IP. These arrive via an XOT stream via satellite. The satellite system connects to a router in our processing centre as XOT, then is passed as straight X25 to the 2600 where the translation to IP occurs.

The basic translation seems to work OK and POS terminals are able to authorise payments (small amounts of data). However, at the end of the day, the merchants using POS terminals upload there daily transactions, and if there are more than three messages, the upload fails and data is corrupted. We have checked window sizes and max packet sizes etc.

The 2600 gives no error messages from debug. I have tried debug x25, and debug x25t events, all we see is a call clear or call failed, but no indication why.

Having connected a serial analyser however, it appears that data is being "echoed back" to the POS terminals, they get confused, corrupt the data and clear the call.

I suspect that this is a translation configuration problem, but cannot find any reference to it in the X25 commands.

We used to use an old Gandalf protocol converter for this, and this does not show the same problem.


Re: X25 Protocol translation problem

try debug translate command to have more insight into the problem

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