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Third Party Device in DNA Topology

We are integrating a third party device (AnyRover from AnyWeb). The AnyRover appears in the inventory and in the topology. However, in the topology the link between the AnyRover and the connecting Switch isn't shown. LLDP is turned on on both devices. What are the prerequisites for DNA-C to recognize a connections between two devices and show it in topology?


Thanks for your help :-)


Re: Third Party Device in DNA Topology

View this link for the SDA Compatibility matrix:


LLDP is a layer 2 technology.  In SDA your underlay network is established via the use of a routing protocol (OSPF, ISIS, etc.).  Let's say you have two nodes that are SDA capable, one acting as an edge node (access sw) & one acting as an intermediary node (distro like).  You would need to create a L3 point to point routed link for the device connection to show inside the DNAC fabric.


There is a solution, which is to implement an internal border node (IBN) inside your network that would basically sit between your fabric (SDA capable devices) & your legacy non-SDA capable devices.  This IBN would then basically do the translations between legacy and the fabric.  The IBN would be an iBGP peer to your EBNs.  Your legacy switch would then be a different private eBGP AS that peers with the IBN, and you would redistribute whatever networks you want accessible between fabric & non-fabric.  Basically at this point your fabric would have two different eBGP peers (fusion routers & legacy device connected to IBN).  


Hope this helps.

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