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AOL host name and addresses appear to change midstream of a http post

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I have Pix 520's running 6.1.3, using the newer "access-list" convention. I have servers behind them which receive data uploads from my users. The transport is an http post to the server from the client PC. Some of my users dial into AOL. They sign in, start the upload to my server, then it abruptly stops in midstream. The Pix says a PC attempted to send data without sending a SYN to establish a session. And when that happens, from my Cisco/NetScout Ether Probe's point of view, the PC suddenly apprears that it has a different AOL hostname and IP address. All 30 other http applications at this site work just fine.

For whatever reason, this event does not seem to bother my Pixes at another site that are also running 6.1.3, but with the older "static and conduit" convention.

Anyone have an explanation or insight?

Thanks, Dave

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One thing you could do is use the AOL ver 5.0, this is supposed

to be the best suited version in such environment!!

AOL use 5190, 5191, 5192, 5193 ( All TCP & UDP );

So, just check if you have given the conduits as follow,

conduit permit tcp any range 5190 5193

conduit permit udp any range 5190 5193

( is )

Also, how about going to access-list convention.