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ASA5520 - management interface


I have a problem to configure management interface.

What I did is:

route outside-admin 1

route management myserver 1

I expected it should allowed me to access thought myserver by management and the rest machine in subnet should go by default.

However, all PC in internal LAN can not get connection on subnet

I tried to remove the route mnagement, but, I can not reach the ip anymore.

Can I make the management interface as a normal interface which allowed me to access, but not a route interface, as CSS do?

Any comments will be appreciated

Thanks in advance




Trying to understand what you want to do here. You want to route a single IP address through your management interface -

1) make sure that under the interface configuration for managment you do a 'no management-only' so that the interface will route traffic

2) Now the second part is you want myserver to go out the management server to, which looks right.

3) The only question I have now is that it looks to me like the 10.1.83.x network is off the management interface - otherwise how could you route to .1? If you expect everything else to go out the default route you need to make sure the subnet mask for the management interface is correct.


Thanks for reply.

What I want is to configure:

1. all ssh session to the box, managent traffic, such as asdm traffic, box's snmp traffic all go to management interface to myserver.

2. the rest traffic go to outside interface.

Obviously, I configure this wrongly. So the result becomes that the subnet which myserver is located, can not be see by internal LAN.

How can I correct it?

Pls advice, Many thanks.


The management interface is meant only for management traffic, it can not pass through traffic.

If you want to pass through traffic on the managment interface, you have to issue :

no managment-only

in the interface mode.

Hope this helps.


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